As a new parent there are many concerns that begin to fill your mind when it comes to your children. One of the most important and difficult of these concerns is what will happen to your children should something happen to you. Estate planning is important for parents who want to be able to choose who will raise their children should they become incapacitated or pass away unexpectedly. Most people are familiar with the general concept of estate plans, however, many are not familiar with the full functionality an estate plan can provide for a family.


You can let your wishes be known and decide for yourself who will raise your children. Without a will to name a guardian for your children, the courts will make the decision under California law. Moreover, disputes may erupt among relatives.

A will, a set of powers of attorney, or other estate planning tools can help you to not only protect the future of your child, but also to reduce the risk of contentious legal battles among your loved ones. Because your family dynamics, goals and circumstances will differ from other households, it is important to consult with an estate planning attorney who can provide detailed guidance to help ensure your wishes will be followed.







Your New Parent Estate Plan Package will include:

- Living Trust (should you need it)

- Last Will and Testament (which includes Guardian nomination for your children)

- Durable Power of Attorney

- Advance Health Care Directive

- Optional Complimentary consultation for Life Insurance

$500 Discount for New Parent Estate Plan Package