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Estate Planning

No matter how large or modest your estate is, everyone should have an estate plan. While it is true that not everyone needs a trust, everyone needs a Will as well as the supporting documents that control what happens to you and your assets in the event of incapacity. At Pretlove Law we offer a complete estate planning package that includes the following documents:

  1. Living Trust (should one be needed)
  2. Last Will
  3. Durable Power of Attorney
  4. Health Care Directive
  5. Trust Transfer Deeds​

Having an effective Estate Plan means that your family will have a road map on how you wish to be taken care of should you ever lose your capacity. Further, the Estate Plan will grant your family (or another agent of your choosing) the authority to make those decisions for you. 

An effective estate plan also means that your family will not be left dealing with the expensive and time consuming process of Probate. You worked hard to obtain the assets you have. Let Pretlove Law ensure that your hard earned assets go to the people that you choose, not the court system or government. Call us today to set up a consultation  to discuss your estate planning wishes and goals.

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